mahketewah hall 1876

mahketewah hall 1876 - image thanks to the anouk

blog history: mahketewah hall is a building along the 8th st viaduct. it dates from 1876 (or at least it says so; Dusty Rhodes disagrees), the centennial. i took a picture of it on a trip to cincinnati and became rosey-cheeked smitten (with the picture or the hall? not sure). i know little about it besides what Dusty tells me (a well-gleaned nugget though: the present owner is a former president of the East Price Hill Improvement Association; hmmm hmm hmm).

oh and mahketewah is purportedly the pre-losantiville name for mill creek, according to Google and (i need to find the reference, there is one…whatever that late 19th c “early settler tales” history is). the pond in spring grove cemetery shares the name.

purpose of the blog: i’m interested in cincinnati and how it came to be (and is) its terribly concrete present self. this is not a blog about the railroads and how great cincinnati could have been (hessler 1962). it’s more of a place where i talk about stuff without needing to worry about being right, or have to line up my ducks before i say some thing.  i like meta-narratives as a topic; i feel it is pretty easy to dive into them and find dissonances that hit locals in their brains (but are very hard to be accurate about).

also mahketewah hall is my ploy to get noticed by the cinci bloggers.

if the blog develops i may try to enlist other people i know to contribute, mostly because i like the idea of Mahketewah Hall (the blog) being a sort of dreamscape commune version of  Mahketewah Hall (the building) where the contributors live.

about me: i like to use parentheses. i study cultural anthropology. i don’t live in cincinnati, because i go to school in new york. i read about cincinnati and project back on it. i pine a lot. i do other things.

works cited

Hessler, Sherry. 1962. ‘The Great Disturbing Cause’ and the Decline of the Queen City. Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Bulletin XX: 169-185.


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